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Knowledge and technology transfer

Objectives and expected impact

Description of work

The partners of the MICROKELVIN Collaboration will generate scientific and technical knowledge in one of the frontiers of science, the extreme low temperature range. This border has been steadily moving towards absolute zero temperature, thanks to the development of new physical ideas and improved techniques. The first objective of NA3 is their efficient dissemination among the partners, as a first step. Once tested and validated, these ideas and techniques should be disseminated as recommendations, publications, patents, or know-how transfer licenses.

Research at ultra low temperatures has revealed exotic phenomena such as superconductivity and superfluidity which have always aroused the interest of ordinary people. In NA3, MICROKELVIN will also disseminate its results via popular literature, public lectures, and via participation in public demonstrations and exhibitions.

A considerable amount of knowledge already exists in the field of low temperatures. Access to this information, however, faces presently several difficulties. Publications carry important technical information, but it is incomplete or hidden, because the relevant articles often have a different scientific or technical scope. The partner laboratories, with their long standing expertise and knowledge of the community, are in an excellent position to organize the scattered information in a more useful form. The information should be incorporated in a collective database, accessible not only at the level of the partners, but by the larger community.

Potential users of the scientific and technical knowledge of MICROKELVIN include nearby scientific communities, as well as nearby industrial partners. More specifically, dissemination will be organized by a Dissemination Committee, formed by the NA Leader (CNRS) and representatives of the Partners (one identified person per partner), in liaison with the Management Committee and the Project Web-officer.

> Task 1: Dissemination of the network results
> Task 2: Dissemination of low temperature technology
> Task 3: Networking with other scientific communities
> Task 4: Industry-research network
> Task 5: Dissemination to public audience