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Opening the microkelvin regime to nanoscience

Objectives and expected impact

Description of work

This JRA divides into three main overarching activities; two inward in supporting new activities in the core institutes, and one outward in making the new technology available to all laboratories. First, we will advance the development and integration of nanoscale experiments intended to promote the access activities of the existing microkelvin facilities of the core institutes. Secondly, we intend to produce, in collaboration with associated institutes and SME's refrigerant-free compact automatic dilution refrigerator/nuclear cooling systems with the microkelvin capability to allow this technology to be used anywhere. Thirdly, we will develop a new major microkelvin machine embodying the cumulative experience of all the contributing laboratories.

> Task 1: New facilitating technology for nanoscience at microkelvin temperatures
> Task 2: Compact microkelvin refrigerator
> Task 3: The next-generation microkelvin facility